Easy steps in the way of canary cattle

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Easy steps in the way of canary cattle-The Canaries are known and favored by bird lovers because of their melodious chirping and their beauty. That beautiful beauty and sound make canaries have become pets since the 1400s. The Canaries are not suitable birds as playmates and it is better to admire their beauty from afar, but this does not reduce the value of canaries as extraordinary pet birds. The Canaries do spend most of their time in cages, so those of you who want to raise canaries should prepare a cage large enough for them to fly in a cage.

Canary bird in English is Canary bird. As the name implies, canaries come from the Canary island which is in the Spanish state and is located on the Atlantic Ocean. The common color of canaries is yellow. Because of this feather color, canaries are the basic idea of making Tweety cartoon characters. But not only yellow, there are also red-orange, white, pink and various chocolates. Compared to most birds, canaries are small birds but can live up to 20 years.

For those of you who want to breed birds, canaries are one of the birds that are quite profitable to breed. Even if the bird is an individual, when the mating season, both males and females will be very lust for immediate marriage. This is because canaries are rarely attracted to anything other than mating. You can have one male and many females, no need to buy a pair. Even so, it does not rule out the possibility, there will also be a couple of canaries who do not separate or only be loyal to one bird.

You want to raise canaries but don’t know how to, just follow the way of canary cattle below.

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1. The sex of a canary

It is easy to differentiate gender in mammals, but how do you differentiate sex in birds, especially canaries? For those of you beginners in canary cattle, before you start to raise canaries, it’s good if you practice first to distinguish which is male and which is female.

Male anal protrudes, perpendicular and vertical
Like to sing and sound loud
The body shape tends to be slender lengthwise and the neck is longer.
The anal is not prominent but flat
Twitter but not often and not loud
Body shape tends to be round and neck shorter

2. Age of canaries

All you need to know is whether the canary is in a state of marriage or lust or not.

The characteristics of canary birds ready to marry:
Male: Often singing. Hyperactivity is like jumping frequently, flapping wings, sometimes even accidentally crashing into the bars of a cage.

Female likes to peck anything in the cage. Wings are also flapped.


3. Cages for canaries

As explained above, canaries need a lot of space to fly, so choose a cage that allows birds to fly from the branches to the branches. In the initial stages of livestock, it is best to separate male and female birds. Or a large cage that already has a partition to facilitate matchmaking. Don’t forget to prepare a place for bird food. Feeding canaries are usually grain. Can also be given boiled eggs.


4. The process of arranging canaries

Before the marriage process, of course, time must be given to males and females to get to know each other. The trick is to get their cage closer. Their characteristics are male canaries will feed the female despite being outside the cage. Males will often sing as a sign to tempt the female.


5. Canary marriage process

When it is seen that they are matched, then you can enter males and females in the same cage. The trick is to insert a male canary into a female canary cage. Do this when evening. After being put together in one cage, pay attention to whether they feed each other (like kissing) or not. If so, then soon they will get married. Leave it in a cage until morning. Then separate the male and female at 7-9 in the morning. Repeat putting the male bird in the female cage in the afternoon until the female lay eggs. Don’t hang the female canaries that have laid eggs, because it will damage the walnut eggs.

6. The process of incubating canary eggs

In the incubation process, let the male and female remain in one cage. This is so that the female continues to be in the nest to incubate because the male will continue to feed the female. But if you have more than one female, just separate males.
As long as the female incubates her eggs, don’t forget to continue to feed and drink, and maintain the cleanliness of the cage.


7. The process of hatching eggs

Usually the 14th day after laying eggs, the eggs will hatch. Keep your canary cages clean and keep feeding and drinking regularly. Don’t run out of food and drinks.